Book Clubs


Book Groups are wonderful on many levels, as well as intellectual benefits – it’s a way of gaining new insights, getting engaged and passionate and listening to other views.  There are also social benefits, find your feet in a new area, or help stay in touch with friends or former colleagues.

For a lot of people, booke groups are a special space where you step out of your life and talk about something different.


The Reading Agency suggests between eight and ten members – large enough to allow for ‘no shows’ and small enough to ensure everyone can have their say.  Choose a book by taking turns, lucky dip or by voting.  Monthly meetings give everyone time to read a book.

If you are interested in starting a Group, the Library can help by:

  • a possible meeting place
  • supplying your chosen place
  • promoting your group

Two groups currently meet monthly in the Library on: 2nd Weds (mornings) and 1st Thursday (evenings).